The Issue: Police Force Development

Police officers hold a badge. This badge is not just their title. With that badge they are making a commitment to civilians, ensuring their safety within the area they live. If police officers are no longer protecting the safety of the people, distrust grows in this relationship. For a few decades now, more people behind the badge are becoming more and more corrupt. Police officers have to be unbiased, and fair to everyone, but that becomes an issue if they conceal their true opinions on certain issues. In this day and age, we have a lot of corrupt people hiding behind their badges. Some officials are trying different checks in order to decrease this problem, but it seems that the conflict is only growing bigger.
Recently, some police stations have been using a polygraph test on candidates applying for the police force. This polygraph test can determine if people have a certain bias concerning gender or race. This is an issue that is not new. For many years now, people have been aware of racial profiling. If we can no longer trust the police officers of our community, how will justice survive?
The more you read the news, the bigger the problem seems to inflate. There are countless stories about officers who have done something wrong while on the job. Some had committed shocking crimes and are not being punished as harshly as a random civilian. Police officers are human. They make mistakes just like everyone else. People expect more from the police because they carry the badge and hold high authority in society.
The harder it gets for people to become a police officer, the easier it will be to have the best possible police officers on duty. Tests such as the polygraph and more extensive-based research on the person may also help pick out the best candidates for the job.
It is no surprise that some of the police officers around do not deserve the badge. They are corrupt and might even think they are above the law. It is up to officials to figure out ways to stop officers that are bias and unethical from making it on to our streets.

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