Fitness …and Fun!

The Leprechaun Run
Come out for this festive run March 16th at the Philadelphia Museum of Art! This 5-mile run is presented by the Special Olympics of Pennsylvania and takes runners around a flat course that tours the city. For more information and registration, visit the website:

The Zombie Run
This exhilarating run will be a challenge as competitors chased by zombies in a post-apocalyptic set! Come out on April 7th to FDR Park in Philadelphia to take part in this event. Choose to be either a human or a zombie (registration fees differ). Go online to and find Philadelphia’s race for more information on participating!

The Scavenger Dash
This race is not your typical mapped run. Instead, compete in teams of two to solve 12 clues that will take you all around the city. Happening on April 14th at noon, come out to take part in this “wildly fun urban adventure.” For more information, visit the website: (There are several other races around the city like this! Check them out on

The Savage Adventure Race
This race is for serious athletes looking for a challenging 20 mile adventure race or the lesser 10 mile sprint course. Taking place on April 21st at Brandywine Creek State Park in Wilmington, Delaware, this race includes tasks such as running, trekking, orienteering, mountain biking and canoeing. For more information and registration, visit

The Color Run
Ready for a fun, colorful twist on a regular 5K race? Register now to participate in the 2013 Philadelphia Color Run happening July 14th. Spots fill up fast so get online to register!

Hero Rush
Train all summer to compete in the 3-5 mile obstacle race that will make you look like a true hero. This course, created by firemen, is aimed to be fear-facing fun, tough and crazy fun. Look out for the Pennsylvania/New Jersey location in August. For more information about this incredible race, visit

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