The best things in life are free, except laundry

Two dollars and twenty-five cents, that’s what it costs me to do a load of laundry. It wouldn’t be so bad if there were change machines in Kea, but there aren’t.

The closest one is in Gough. I averaged it out and, by the end of the semester, I will have spent twenty-seven dollars on laundry, which includes washing and drying.

Not to mention if I decided to separate my whites and colors, or if I washed my linens. Which means that, starting freshman year, I will have spent about two hundred and sixteen dollars doing laundry, not including the extra twenty-five cents I’d use to dry or money spent on bleach and softener.

Now, wouldn’t it be nice if these twenty-seven dollars were unnecessary? Laundry should be free on campus. Students are paying close to $15,000 a semester to be here–couldn’t some of that go towards free laundry services on campus?

 Eastern is one of two schools in the area that makes the students pay for their laundry. Cabrini and West Chester University have free laundry available for their students.
I’d also like to point out the disgusting “aftermath” from the washing machines that seems to accumulate from all the years of people washing their clothes and linens.
There is a residue that is left behind from people using these machines for so long, a liquid which resembles the top of the lakes around campus, just to paint you all a picture.

I just hope that whatever this liquid is that it’s not something that counteracts the bleach or is harmful to my skin; I mean I wash my clothes and bed sheets in these machines.
And could we please get new machines? I’d gladly pay an additional fifty bucks if we could get some top of the line GE washers and dryers.

Also, why is it that the machines we do have only accept quarters? Can’t they give them an upgrade so that we at least do not have to beg for quarters from our friends and neighbors?

I am not asking they do our laundry for us, just that they’d make it easier for us to do our laundry–whether it would be newer machines, more change machines, or free laundry machines. 

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