The Apostle and the Apocalypse

Every year, Dr. Kenneth Maahs of the Biblical Studies department, accompanied by college students and acquaintances alike, embarks on a “pilgrimage to the Holy Land.”

Dr. Maahs alternates between travelling to Israel and Egypt or Turkey and Greece, giving travelers from previous years the opportunity to fully follow the footsteps of Christ in what is now called the Middle East. This year, the group will be travelling to Turkey and Greece, covering cities from Istanbul to Corinth.

The trip is entitled “The Apostle and the Apocalypse” because it covers cities from both Paul’s ministry and John’s addresses to churches in the book of Revelation.

While all of the cities visited will be full of cultural and historical foundations, there are three main cities that Dr. Maahs is excited about. One of the first cities on the itinerary is Ephasus which, according to Dr. Maahs, is “one of the most brilliantly rebuilt cities” from biblical times. In Ephasus, the group will get to visit places where Paul actually lectured.

Another impacting city on the itinerary is Delphi, Greece, which is the home of rich historic culture that has continued to impact classical studies today because “the Greeks thought that it was the center of the world.”

Athens, one of the final cities on the trip, is perhaps one of the most exciting places that the group will visit. There, visitors will get a chance to stand on Mar’s Hill, where Paul preached. Travelers will also have the opportunity to explore historical buildings and architecture, like the famous Parthenon.

Other cities include first-stop Istanbul and Corinth, where Paul stood before Gallio to be judged.

This excursion will run from May 16-31, 2011. The cost is $4398, which is due in full by January 31, 2011, but a $300 deposit is due as soon as possible to help reduce trip costs, such as rooming. The fee covers trip expenditures, classy hotels, breakfast, dinner and tips.

However, Dr. Maahs suggests that travelers bring “as much money as possible for personal purchases” as the rich culture will leave visitors yearning for tokens to bring home.

Anyone interested should email Dr. Maahs at


Day 1 & 2: Leave US, Arrive in Istanbul

Day 3: Istanbul: Blue Mosque, St. Sophia, Topkapi Palace, Hippodrome

Day 4: The Ministry of Paul and John in Ephasus:  Ephasus, Roman ruins, Church of St. John

Day 5: Book of Revelation: Patmos

Day 6: The Seven Churches: Miletus, Priene, Didyma

Day 7: The Seven Churches: Aphrodidias, Hierapolis, Laodicea, Colossae

Day 8: The Seven Churches: Izmir (Old Smyrna), Sardis, Philadelphia, Thyatira

Day 9: The Seven Churches: Pergamum

Day 10: Paul’s Ministry in Philippi: Philippi

Day 11: Paul’s Ministry in Macedonia: Thessaloniki, Veria (Beroea), Vergina, Dion

Day 12: Delphi: Sacred Way, Athenian Treasury, Theater, Temple of Apollo

Day 13: Paul’s Ministry in Athens and Corinth: Athen’s Acropolis, Areopagus (Hill of Ares or Mar’s Hill), the Agora, Corinthian Canal, Ancient Corinth

Day 14: Athens: National Museum

Day 15: Paul’s Ministry in Corinth: Corinthian Canal, Ancient Corinth, Epidauros

Day 16: Return to US


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