The 4th Annual Music Gala promises to delight

Eastern faculty and students will perform at the 4th Annual Music Gala Benefit Concert.

The benefit concert, which will be held at Church of the Savior, will commence at 7:30 p.m. on April 28.

According to Colleen Bradstreet, the music department’s secretary and wife of Dr. David Bradstreet, one of the major highlights of past benefit concerts has been “the performances by our four piano faculty, playing eight-hand pieces on two concert grand Steinway pianos.”

Along with the eight-hand piano pieces, there will also be performances by the University Choir under the direction of Rick Frost, Turning Point under the direction of Ron Matthews, a vocal faculty quartet and several organ pieces by Ron Matthews.

In memoriam of the 110th anniversary of Johannes Brahms’s death, the concert will also feature several of his compositions.

According to Ron Matthews, the music department chair, one of the organ pieces he is playing was one of the last pieces composed by Brahms.

“The piece is based on the theme of the afterlife, which is interesting seeing as Brahms was not a religious man,” he said.

Matthews will also perform a piece by Bach in tribute to Harold Howard and his wife.

Howard, who served as provost for Eastern before he died, started a music scholarship in memory of his wife who was a church musician. They both wanted a pipe organ for the university.

In addition to Matthews’s solo organ pieces, the Eastern faculty quartet will play several different pieces.

According to Matthews, the quartet has been a mainstay of the past three concerts.

Another highlight for the evening will be a piano piece by Matthews and senior pianist Alina Hancharonak. This very difficult piece will showcase both of their talents.

The concert date, which was originally March 16, was changed due to inclement weather. Tickets are $15, $20, $30 and $40 and can be purchased at However, as an incentive for Eastern students to attend, Eastern is offering current students with an Eastern ID a discount price of only $5 a ticket at the door.

Part of the revenue from this benefit concert will be used for Turning Point’s touring trip to France from June 22-30. Turning Point serves as Eastern’s traveling music ministry.

The remainder of the proceeds will be applied towards the new Fine and Performing Arts addition to Eastern’s campus.

“The entire program is a very diverse and fast-moving,” Matthews said. “It is a program made for all ages or genres.”

When asked what one word he would say to the Eastern community about the Music Gala, he said, “Come!”

As Bradstreet said, “My husband, Dr. Bradstreet [professor and Director of Bradstreet Observatory], generally does not like concerts, but he wouldn’t miss this one for anything – not even a clear sky!”

Church of the Savior 651 N. Wayne AvenueWayne, Pa.7:30 p.m.Tickets are $15, $20, $30 and $40$5 for EU studentsFor more information visit

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