Swing party will benefit good cause

Fundraising will look like swing dancing at the Swing Into Life dance party.

Sponsored by the Feeling Blue Suicide Prevention Council, the September 13 dance party will help fund the nonprofit organization’s goals of preventing suicide and helping the loved ones of those who have committed suicide.

The idea to do swing dance as a fundraiser occurred in July, when two members of Feeling Blue met with director of conferences and special events Meggin Capers and SAB director Shannon Hartsock about doing a dance-a-thon.

Doing swing dance was appealing because it was a themed dance, which would draw more students, according to Capers; and would easily stay within Eastern’s guidelines for dance, according to Hartsock.

“They can have fun and can do a lot with it,” Hartsock said.

Feeling Blue director Heidi Bryan said she and volunteer Alyson Harris approached Eastern about the fundraiser because they felt their request would be well received.

“Eastern has a good reputation of working with nonprofits,” she said.

Capers decided to aid Feeling Blue because she felt their outreach to the families and friends of those who commit suicide is a necessary one.

The party is open to all students and will feature a live band called Walt’s Wagoners.

Although Feeling Blue is organizing the party, both Bryan and Capers said they hope the swing dance club will be involved.

“I want them to pass the word and get their friends to come,” Bryan said. “And, of course, I want them to dance.”

Capers said she hopes the party, and the cause it is helping, will draw many students.

“We are hoping that everybody comes. I can’t swing dance, and I’ll be there,” she said.

Admission to the party is $10. For more information, call Meggin Capers at x5902.

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