Cabrini student stabbed at on-campus party

Late on April 8, after annual spring fling activities including on-campus partying, 21-year old Cabrini College student Kyle Foley was stabbed at the school.

The reason that led to the conflict has not yet been determined; however, upon initial response to the stabbing, local authorities took two men into custody for questioning. After they were questioned, 20-year old Keith Singleton was arrested.

The stabbing occured in a co-ed Cabrini residence hall while a party was taking place. The victim, after suffering multiple stab wounds, was taken to University of Pennsylvania Hospital and placed in intensive care. According to local authorities, he is expected to survive the attack, but further details have not been released.

Shortly after the stabbing, a group of Eastern students, who had been visiting a friend at Cabrini in a dormitory nearby, were stopped by the police and questioned about the incident.

According to a first-year student, they were ordered to keep their hands in plain view by the officers. The police then asked them of their whereabouts earlier that evening, and, after receiving sufficient evidence proving their lack of involvement, apologized and let them go.

They were stopped because one of the persons present fit the description of the supposed assailant, a young black man from West Chester, the student said.

There is still no word on the victim’s condition. However, investigations into the stabbing are still underway.

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