Students “conquer the night” with praise and worship

Light fills the room as songs of praise are sung to the Most High. The spirit of those present illuminates the room in a way a light bulb could only dream of. The Spirit of the Lord is present.

Worship leader junior Danielle Craig speaks the words, “This is what we came here for. We came to worship you, Father.” With that, Conquer the Night is in full effect.

Every year, students, faculty, staff and visitors are invited to partake in a worship service that lasts from 10 p.m. on Friday night to 6 a.m. on Saturday morning.

The tradition of Conquer the Night began in 2004 when Theresa Noye, Resident Director of Kea-Guffin, took some students on a Spring Break trip to the International House of Prayer. The students were so moved by the idea of 24 hours of continual community worship that they felt it would be great for Eastern students to participate in.

“The night is when the deeds of darkness occur,” Noye said.

She goes on to explain that the time spent in worship is meant to counter the spiritual activity with Christ’s light.

“With spiritual light we are reversing the (plans) of the enemy with this time of prayer and worship; it’s very strategic,” Noye said.

A night to remember, Conquer the Night has had a profound impact on students. The worship experience can only be described as poignant in the lives of the student population.

“As a time that we as a community set apart intentionally for prayer, worship and contemplation, it is very powerful and has been healing in certain, unexpected ways,” senior Thomas D’Adamo said.

The contagious atmosphere of worship has the power to engage people, no matter who they are or how long they have been at Eastern.

“It’s amazing,” first-year Shantita Cooper said. “It is so cool to worship with other Christians and know that my worship is between me and God. I was closed minded when I got here but really happy that I came. It was a blessing.”

Through the ministry of Eastern’s own Chapel Worship team, Precious Movements, In The Silence Mime ministries and this year’s guest choir, Care View Community Church V.O.W. Ministry, many were given the chance to engage the Lord in community with fellow Christians who came with the intention of chasing after Christ and enjoying the freedom that he has offered them.

“…Reflect on what Christ has done for us,” senior Alexis Dunbar said.

With that intention in mind, the Spirit of the Lord was ushered in through the petition and praise of His people.

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