Pastel colors have arisen as a major spring trend. They can be risky for those who prefer bolder, darker colors but as spring approaches, expect to see more of them! Blazers, thin pants, and shorts are popular pieces to show off what I like to think of as smoothie colors – pale blue, bright green, and sherbert orange. You can neutralize the look and make it look less soft with nude accessories.


The animal print epidemic is still going strong. Cheetah and zebra prints are still present in shoes, leggings, and even blouses and cardigans are trendy items to keep in your closet. Don’t go overboard though! One animal print piece can be enough for one outfit.


If you’re thinking of velour two-piece track suits, you’re on the wrong track. Full body, loose rompers are still trendy but for a night out on the town, tighter body suits are still embraced in the fashion industry. Either one can be accessorized with a belt or necklace to enhance the look.


The cape trend has carried over to spring fashion from the fall. Designers like Tom Ford and Riccardo Tisci have embraced the visual of a high fashion super hero. If you want to branch out with this accessory, reserve it for a formal affair and make sure it is simple and sleek!


Ladies, now is the time to get creative with your nails! Celebrities like Amber Rose and Lady Gaga have experimented with the stiletto nails that made a statement on their own. Along with lengths, switch up your polish colors to accent your outfit. As an homage to her newborn daughter, Blue Ivy, Beyonce was spotted in NYC with a red dress with blue polish. Take risks with your polish colors that may seem to clash with the color of your outfit.

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