Spooky Trends to Try This Halloween: How to recreate the TikTok trends that have appeared this Halloween season.

TikTok has become one of the most popular social media platforms in 2020, and this spooky season there have been a variety of fun trends to make their way into the spotlight.

The most popular trend on the app is the Halloween-inspired photoshoot. In these videos, couples or groups take pictures as pumpkin heads or ghosts, traveling to different locations with a wide range of props. These photoshoots are easy to recreate, and the results are Insta-worthy.

To make your very own pumpkin head, pick a pumpkin and carve a large hole at the bottom, big enough to stick your head into. After this, continue
taking out the pumpkin’s “guts” and carve as you normally would. The classic jack-o-lantern faces make for the best pictures.

Paired with a cute fall outfit, these pumpkin heads make for a great photoshoot with friends. These costumes tend to photograph best at the golden hour in locations such as forests, fields, and pumpkin patches. These pictures are also a creative couple idea.

The ghost costume doesn’t need an explanation for its extreme simplicity; however, the best photoshoots in these costumes tend to be in a spooky setting at night. These locations include an empty road, a car, an empty parking lot, or a field. The contrast of the dark surroundings against the white sheets create all the Halloween vibes.

TikTok has also seen another trend circulating where you rate your past Halloween costumes. These videos can be from recent years or back from when your mom still picked your costumes out for you. This trend is fun and shows your creativity (or lack thereof) throughout the years.

The spooky makeup trend made its appearance well before October, but the videos are perfect for Halloween all the same. The videos started with
TikTokers smearing makeup on their face in a short amount of time to resemble their extravagant work that would appear shortly after in the video. These videos then transformed into opportunities for special effects makeup artists to demonstrate their works.

This trend shows all types of scary monsters and gory wounds. Grab some makeup and try a new, spooky look. There are YouTube videos for all levels, from beginner to advanced. There are even videos on how to do SFX, or special effects, makeup on a budget. This TikTok trend can give you an opportunity to practice your desired Halloween look, try out a new hobby or just have some fun and laughs.

The last spooky TikTok trend has to be my personal favorite: TikTokers are taking audio from the Harry Potter movie series and picking outfits that they would wear as the different characters from the movies. While I personally believe that Harry Potter should be watched throughout the entire year, many people watch the series during October because of the magical elements.

Costumes for the different Harry Potter characters can be based on the characters themselves or your personal style. The trend has seen videos from all different types of people with all different types of styles. This trend allows you to get fun and creative with the clothes that you have in your closet. Besides, who doesn’t love a good fashion show?

It’s always fun to watch famous people do cool trends, but you can do them too. Any of the trends listed in this article can easily be recreated at home and on a budget. Find some old clothes, grab a few friends, and make this COVID-19 Halloween one to remember.

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