Articles written by: Gabrielle Pardocchi

Pardocchi reflects on how art can help her relieve stress of life and career.

An Artist’s Journey: One artist reflects on her relationship with art in its different forms.

Art cannot be defined or restricted to a singular process. Every artist has their own process, inspiration and definition of what art means to them. My art helps me to express whatever words can’t. My art may not be the most creative or beautiful, but it is mine. As a […]

Pictured are various student actors during their practice of Antigone. Each of these students put in many hours of practice rehearsal in preparation of this piece.

Eastern’s Production of Antigone and the Importance of Female Power: Inside the recent production put on by the Eastern Theatre Department and how they adapted an ancient Greek tragedy to be their own.

On Thursday Nov. 14, Eastern University’s Theatre Department opened its production of the Greek tragedy Antigone. The show focuses on conflicts of power versus relationships and depicts the outcome when one chooses power over everything else. The production was performed four times throughout the weekend, where many students, faculty and […]