Sleeper team

For the third year in a row, the golf team heads down to Outer Banks, N.C. for Spring Break. While there, the team will practice in the sunshine and be together as a team.

According to head coach Mark Birtwistle, the major goal of the Spring Break trip is for the players to “get their swing down” as an extension to their pre-season. The team will certainly need the time to bond as its first match is on March 23, less than two weeks after the end of Spring Break.

Golf may be the silent sports team on campus, but it works just as hard as the other teams. As a result, one of Birtwistle’s main goals for the season is for the team to be more competitive in the MAC Conference.

“My goal is to make sure that our five guys who play in the tournament play better than they did last year,” Birtwistle said in a phone interview. “We also want to be good sportsmen and represent Eastern’s values with good etiquette.”


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