SIFE hosts alumni panel

 As the first installment of three business-focused seminars, SIFE organized a panel of SIFE alumni, including Jonathan Malone, Larry Buller, Anna Rohwer, Brandon Ziegler, Lauren Lottier and James Frederick, to answer questions about their journeys after college.

About 75 students gathered to hear about the alumni’s experiences through internships, job interviews and the adjustment from college to the work field. The alumni encouraged students to enjoy their time at Eastern and soak up as much as possible in their classes. They advised doing any type of internship available, even if it only consisted of data entry, because networking in the business world is very important. 


“We wanted real life examples of people that were in our shoes and now have jobs,” senior SIFE member Rebekah Warren said. “I gained a lot from it.”


SIFE plans to hold a seminar on human resources in February and one on international business in March. 

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