Seniors reminisce about their time at Eastern

“The best experience at Eastern that I have had was the integration of a Christian worldview into daily classes.”

Ann Willis

“After four years of hard study and practice, I would have to say my performance of my senior recital was my greatest experience!”

Collen Beattie

“The best part of Eastern would be the community that I had and being able to meet people and getting the opportunity to know them.”

Christina Rabeler

“(My favorite memory) would be the ‘Sly Dogs’ of NCH 2nd Floor West 06-07.”

Joshua Sutowski

“Besides my friends, one of the best experiences at Eastern has been the quality relationships and support between my professors and I.”

Kristina Caldwell

“Being able to go to college, meeting new people in my freshman year and knowing them while I was here was the best part of being at Eastern. I enjoyed figuring things out about people, life and Christianity with my friends.”

James Condon

“Through the study abroad program here at Eastern I was able to go to Australia for a semester. I had the opportunity to sing in the Sydney Opera House for Easter morning. It was a wonderful experience!”

Jacqueline Karle

“All of the best experiences I have had at Eastern were not planned. My friends and I have done so many spontaneous things. We have done everything from trips to the beach, shaving cream fights, to outrageous sessions of movie quotes and ‘that’s what she said jokes.’ I can’t express to you how glad I am to have the friends I do.”

Andrew Hostetter

“The greatest thing I enjoyed while being at Eastern was getting to know people through so many different venues such as in my Spanish class, those in the dance and music programs, the people I worked with in CCAS, those on my RA staff and those who lived on my floor.”

Emily Cusimano

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