Season favorites claim spring intramural championships

While intramural leagues tend to be unpredictable and inconsistent, this spring’s session defied the norm with three first and one second ranked teams claiming the coveted T-shirts.

In the co-ed soccer league, the championship came down to first place Bovinity Divinity and third seed Trevor is a Clown. Coming from the same division, the teams had met prior in the league, with Bovinity giving Clown its only loss. Even with their chance for revenge, Clown fell 4-0 to Bovinity in the final.

The co-ed volleyball season ended with both division winners facing off for the championship crown. Team Hasselhoff entered the match with only one loss throughout the season, while Over the Net Jac went all spring without dropping a game. Their streak ended when Hasselhoff won convincingly in game two, but that momentum was not enough to defeat Jac in the third game.

The women’s 3v3 basketball league championship featured its season’s first and second place teams as well. The Ballers entered the match undefeated, while the Supinators’ only loss was against the Ballers. However, second chances proved deadly as the Supinators stole the title, winning the best-of-three match.

The men’s 5v5 basketball league also came down to the top two seeds, Stafford Municipality and Fighting Mennonites. While Stafford squeaked into the finals in an overtime win in the semis against Victorious Secret, they did not have enough to defeat the Mennonites, who won 21-17.

Spring Champions:

Mon/Wed Co-Ed Soccer League: Bovinity Divinity

Tues Co-Ed 6v6 Volleyball League:Over the Net Jac

Thurs Women’s 3v3 Basketball League:Supinators

Thurs Men’s 5v5 Basketball League:Fighting Mennonites

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