Scottish Dancing Club

Saved for the occasional lecture or a studious first-year looking for a quiet place to study, most nights of the week, Eagle Great Room sits empty. However, on Monday nights, the room is overrun with music, a five piece band, and dancing: Scottish country dancing, to be more specific.

Senior Katie Girsch, a Philosophy major in the Templeton Honors College, started the club after her return to Eastern after spending last year abroad in St. Andrews, Scotland. “I loved participating in traditional dancing while I was abroad and thought this would definitely be something others might enjoy being a part of,” she said.  

Instructor Chrissy Gore teaches dance at Bryn Mawr College as a hobby. Girsch enlisted the help of Gore and, through mutual sources, found a five piece band to accompany every meeting.

Though it may look easy, Scottish country dancing

is no joke. With seventeen people in attendance, terms like “domino five” and “left/right shoulder reel” prove that these dances are not for the faint of heart.

With the women and the men attired in skirts and socks, intricate steps are slowly woven together before united in a succession of rhythmic movement.

Everyone seemed to be having a wonderful time and, if someone messed up, they would laugh it off and keep going. There was an incredible positive energy and sense of camaraderie all throughout the meeting and,  as it drew to a close.

A few first-year participants laughed as they stopped to drink some water. First-year Kathryn Thompson leaned over and said, “This makes my Mondays worth living through.”

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