Riders share stories, hard times

The Journeys segment of the Equality Ride offered students the opportunity to hear personal narratives of some of the hardships faced by some of the Riders.

Five stories were shared about how hard it was to “come out” to the various aspects of society. Some were funny, others disturbing and some provided hope.

Jarett Lucas from Philadelphia was kicked out of his home at age 14 by his grandparents. He is still trying to reconcile with them.

Kate Riley had been trampled upon by her peers and was told every day that she was going to hell. After being rejected by her church, she attempted to commit suicide three times before coming to grips with her own sexuality.

Jonathan Awtrey brought his witty humor and personality to talk about a fairly positive experience in coming out to his friends. His story was not surrounded with guilt and rejection like some of the others.

Angel Collie’s story did center on rejection and denial from his school. It wasn’t until he found an accepting church that he could learn to love God and others.

Kayla Bonewell told about how she has found a way to be involved with both seminary and youth ministry while being an open homosexual.

These stories were followed by a short Q & A time where Eastern students engaged in a thoughtful discussion with the guests.

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