Eastern student arrested for DUI

An Eastern student was recently arrested for driving under the influence, according to head of security Jack Sheehan.

Early in the morning of April 8, a student who lives in Gough reported seeing a small, dark-colored car driving onto the turf soccer field. It drove around in a circle and then left the field.

The security officer on duty could not locate the car; however, about 15 minutes after the first report, Radnor Police called to request help in finding the owner of a car involved in an accident on Eagle Road. They said that they thought that it belonged to an Eastern student.

The car was found abandoned after it had left the road and knocked down a tree.

Security identified the student, who lives off-campus, and the police went to the address.

The student, an Eastern sophomore, was arrested for DUI after an investigation.

The passenger of the car, an Eastern senior, was not charged with anything.

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