Recycling goes single stream

As of this summer, Allied Waste has put a single-stream recycling system into effect, changing the method of recycling on Eastern’s campus. Allied Waste, the company formally recognized as BFI Waste, sent the necessary paperwork this month for the university to go forward with single stream recycling, said Administrative Assistant of Campus Services Donna MacIntosh.

Originally a paper and cardboard recycling bin and a co-mingled recycling bin could be found in residence halls and other locations around campus. This semester, the two bins will remain but with a new sign listing all of the recyclables to be placed inside. “We’re not decreasing the number [of recycling bins] we have out there,” MacIntosh said. “We want to encourage it.”

All recyclable materials will be collected together and separated at Allied Waste. The list has expanded to include plastics labeled numbers one through seven, paper egg cartons and other materials previously banned from the recycling containers.

Additionally, an effort to recycle used batteries will be evident throughout the campus. Plant Operations has been recycling batteries since last spring, MacIntosh said, but now everyone else is going to be included. Small blue recycling bins for batteries will be available beside the single stream recycling containers.

According to MacIntosh, the biggest problem encountered with recycling is contamination in the containers. Trash or anything else not found in the list of recyclable items is considered contamination.

“We do what we can to pull it out if we have to,” MacIntosh said, “but it is not always possible.”

Flyers are posted on or above recycle bins as reference to avoid confusion and contamination with materials that cannot be recycled.

Commenting on the recycling system as a whole, MacIntosh said, “I think it is a very positive thing on campus.”

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