Exploring the Streets of Philadelphia

Old City is more than just old buildings. With the infusion of hipster culture to the historic qualities of one of the oldest districts of Philadelphia, it has reinvented its more industrial side into a cultural bonanza. So you’re looking for a place to eat? With over one hundred restaurants, even the pickiest of eaters will find something to exhilarate their taste buds.

Once you’re finished with your dinner, why not check out one of the many art galleries that line the streets? Artists throw open their doors the first Friday of every month to show off a plethora of contemporary art, some even going so far as to offer workshops.

Maybe art isn’t your thing. How about one of the many local theatre groups? Or if you can’t miss the latest Hollywood blockbuster, you could hit one of the renovated cinemas.

Just a block away is Franklin Square Park. Amidst the old trees and a massive fountain, you’ll find carousel rides, a mini-golf course and a rather inexpensive snack bar. So with so much to do, who could say no to Philadelphia’s historic Old City?

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