Reasons You Know You Go To Eastern

1. You have been to more weddings in the past year than your parents have been to in their lifetime.
2. When you told your home church you were going to Eastern, their response was “I’ll pray for you.”
3. Your stories about parties at college don’t match up to the ones your non-Eastern friends tell.
4. You always wonder “why Wednesday?”
5. You try not to think about the irony of the fact that your justice-centered campus is located along the affluent mainline.
6. Getting a bad number in the housing lottery will mean a year in solitary confinement in the far region of campus known as Doane.
7. You have experienced “Sodexo stomach.”
8. Males are considered minorities.
9. When you tell people you go to Eastern University, they have no idea what you are talking about.
10. You know what the battle of Eagle Road is.

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