PSEA book fair

Last week Eastern’s chapter of PSEA hosted the Scholastic Book Fair in McInnis Lobby. PSEA, which stands for Pennsylvania State Education Association, has hosted this fundraiser since last year. The theme this year was Book Fair Blizzard.

The genres of the books that are sold range from fantasy to science fiction to non-fiction, along with a myriad of others. The books are generally for students in grades one through six, according to the club’s president, senior Sandra Wohlfarht, an elementary education major.

The money made from this book fair will benefit The Barry School in Philadelphia. According to Wolhfarht, “We do activities throughout the semester to support the Barry School, but this benefits the Barry School the most,” she said.

The club’s advisor Dr. Yerger said, “Our goal [as the PSEA] is to be helpful with schools.” And the club is doing just that. The Barry School that burned down six years ago is being rebuilt and is set to reopen in September of 2008, according to Yerger.

Because of a recent cut in budget “These kids have accommodations but there are no books or materials for them,” Yerger said. Although they have buses which take them to other schools, they still lack basic school materials.

Yerger and his group plan to “give [the money] to the principal to use as she sees fit.” This year the group raised $340 which will be donated to the Barry School.

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