Professor, three students report credit cards stolen while on campus

Political science professor Dr. Kathy Lee discovered her credit card missing Thursday evening. Although she does not remember the last time she saw the card, she believes the theft occurred sometime Thursday in her office. Nothing else was stolen from her office.

According to Jack Sheehan, director of campus security, the theft may have been caused by a group of people who wandered on campus looking for opportunities to steal.

“When they find an open door, they’ll take the credit card and leave the purse,” he said. “They’ll use it quickly before the theft is noticed.”

Credit card thefts typically occur about once a year at Eastern, but Eastern has not had a reported credit card theft in over a year, according to Sheehan.

Lee said she will press charges if the responsible person is caught.

In the meantime, Lee said she sent an e-mail to her colleagues to warn them about the theft and said she will lock her door in the future to prevent further thefts.

Three students also had their credit cards stolen out of their backpacks. The theft apparently happened when they left their bags in an unattended room in Andrews Hall.

Jean Bundens, head of the chemistry department, found out when one of the students e-mailed her about the theft.

“[It is] a shocking and disheartening occurrence,” Bundens said.

“In my twelve years at Eastern, there have been no thefts from Andrews that I know of. It’s very, very inconvenient for students.”

Senior Evelyn Gilmarten had two credit cards stolen. Both of her cards were used, but the credit card company put a stop to one because of suspicious behavior.

“I was trusting until that happened. I’m afraid to let things out of my sight now,” Gilmarten said.

Sheehan was also notified about the student credit card thefts.

“All parties have been advised to report this to the police as a criminal matter,” he said.

According to Sheehan, one of the stolen cards was used in nearby Plymouth Meeting.

“I want whoever did this to be aware that it hurts people to steal,” Bundens said. “It’s a sin. I feel sad that someone succumbed.”

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