Lovedrug takes center stage, gives free concert

The Ohio-based band Lovedrug came to Eastern’s campus to perform a free live concert. Lovedrug, formed in June 2002 by Michael Shepard and Adam Ladd, have certainly come a long way from humble beginnings to earning the respect of many. As soon as Lovedrug took the stage, the auditorium was full of people, both avid listeners and those who had never even heard the band at all.

“I didn’t think they’d be good. But they were really, really good,” said David Mack, a former Eastern student.

A number of students thought that the October 17 performance was “really really good.”

Many students felt that their interaction with the audience between songs was especially appealing and also strengthened their stage presence.

After announcing that he was going to tune-up, lead vocalist Michael Shepard said, “Thank you for coming out, by the way,” and was met with an enthusiastic reply of, “Thank you!” from an audience member.

Sophomore Nicholena Forte was pleased with the performance.

“They’re extremely talented, and I was impressed with how relaxed their show is,” Forte said. “The quality of their live performance was just as clean and musically sound as their album. They have a very natural stage presence.”

Her boyfriend, Tech Honors, added, “The chemistry was impeccable.”

SAB planned and lined up the concert.

“They knew we were a Christian college in the suburbs of Philly and showed interest, so we asked them to play here,” said sophomore SAB member Erin Welding.

“Because the group is signed, we had to go through a contract and some needs had to be met. But they were really friendly and hilarious when they talked to us after the show.”

“We’re seriously very serious introspective people,” Lovedrug guitarist David Owen joked after a song, “Very serious and mysterious.”

The end of the show was met with loud cheers, whistles and standing ovations. The band is currently on tour for the fall.

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