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This may come as a shock to some, but yes, Eastern has a golf team. As the only graduating senior on the team, Joshua Reid recently shed light on its ups and downs and limited exposure over his 4-year participation. “First and foremost, I’d like to state ‘yes, we have a golf team,'” Reid said.

He attributes student’s lack of awareness of this fact to the team’s semi-limited presence on campus. “We are a relatively young team and can’t practice on campus so our presence is not as felt as I’d like it to be.” This year there are seven students on the team – all male.  Reid currently plays at number 1. His lowest score for a match is 79 and he says his favorite memory is being the medalist at a home match his freshman year where he shot an 83.

A Communication Studies major, Reid came to Eastern with the intention of joining the team. His talent and consistency have distinguished him as one of their top players.

This year the team began their relatively short season with a trip to the outer banks over spring break. The season will culminate with the conference championship later this semester. Their first match was canceled due to inclement weather and their first match is now March 30th.

After a rough season last year, Reid says he looks forward to a fresh start this season and playing at a competitive level with the addition of new players. “What I’d like most is to see us get back to being competitive. But I’ve loved being a part of this team. It’s always been a really great group of guys.”

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