Friends of the Library


For the past 50 years, the Friends of the Library have dedicated time, effort and supplies to improve Eastern’s Warner Memorial Library in many ways. The Friends of Warner Memorial Library’s mission statement asserts that they “exist to serve the academic community of Eastern University through: raising designated funds for library projects, organizing book, art and essay contests that encourage intellectual and spiritual development, encouraging gifts to Eastern University’s endowments, soliciting book and material gifts, sponsoring dinners, lectures, art displays, concerts and cultural events and aiding library staff in their professional development.”

“It’s the little things we can do,” said Dr. John Crosby, the President of Friends of the Library when talking about the Faculty Scholarship Celebration the group held on Feb. 15. The Warner Memorial Library purchased books written by Eastern faculty, placed them on display and invited authors to come and sign their books and talk over tasty refreshments.

“We need to celebrate our faculty, give thanks and encouragement,” Direcot of the Library James Sauer said. That is exactly what Friends of the Library does.

The Friends of the Library’s members consist of students, alumni, corporate partners and other who choose to support the library.  Becoming a member of the group not only benefits the library but also those who join.

Members are not only able to use the Warner Memorial Library’s computers, study rooms, media rooms and borrowing system but also invited to attend fun Friends’ events such as an annual dinner and social gatherings with guest speakers.

Currently the group is presenting the “Jonathan Orr Essay Contest.” All Eastern undergraduate students are able to participate in writing a 400-700 word essay in response to Charles Osgood’s statement, “the greatest single works of art, whether of poetry, painting, music, sculpture, building, at least in the western world, have sprung from religious exaltation, or have been organically involved with it.” Students are to explain why they agree or disagree with this statement. First-prize winners will receive $500 and entries are due by March 25.

The Friends of the Library group is constantly seeking new ways to support Eastern and the library’s mission to provide scholarship and spiritual formation to the student body.

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