Philadelphia Zoo celebrates 150th birthday

Wouldn’t it be great to have a birthday celebration that lasts all year long? While the Philadelphia Zoo’s official birthday is on March 31,  the celebration was extended to last the whole year so that everyone can take part.

There may not be any cake, but there will definitely be lots of party animals.

For instance, new to the zoo is the McNeil Avian Exhibit, located past the penguins and next to Bear Country. Made from the   zoo’s original bird house, the exhibit lets you get close to many different kinds of birds that may even come down and land on you.

Along with seeing birds in a replica of their natural habitat, you can go into the Migration Theater and see a vivid depiction of Otis, a Philadelphia native oriole who is about to embark on his first migration. Educational and entertaining, the Migration Theater and the rest of the avian exhibit are a treat for anyone who visits.

For a full day’s outing or just a short hiatus with friends, the zoo is a great place to spend some time. For the last 30 minutes that the zoo is open each day, admission prices are lowered to $5 per person. If it is possible to cover the entire zoo in such a short amount of time, then this saves a great deal of money.

By riding the Channel 6 Zooballoon, taking a quick trip to see the new McNeil Avian Exhibit or just walking around, you will be taking part in a celebration of 150 years with America’s first zoo.

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