Personal Experience: Skills

As I begin my job hunt, I can list “proficient at Xeroxing” on my resumé, thanks to an internship in Eastern’s Communications Office. But that’s not all: I’ve mastered the art of updating contact information too, and my Google technique ought to be patented.

While the tasks required of an intern aren’t the most glamorous, they teach useful skills for a variety of settings. Working under Communications Coordinator Diana Dean, I made newspaper clip reports, wrote speech introductions and press releases and copyedited Spirit magazine, posters and various other things with words on them.

Because my long-term career goal is to work in the publishing industry, this internship girded my English major by emphasizing the necessity of multi-tasking and by sharpening my powers of time management and discernment in general.

It also honed my attention to detail through capitalizing on my innate love of grammar, and I’ve come to appreciate recycling as an outgrowth of all the paper used in any communications setting.

Dean was very flexible about when I came in, allowing me to make up time slots if I had a problem with my schedule.

She typically had assignments ready for me, and I just asked for a new one when I’d completed the first.

My time there was laid-back and I could work at my own pace, which was generally quickly.

All in all, the internship was a good experience as well as a resumé booster. I admit I’m not very good with electronics, so I’m rather proud of my new Xerox proficiency.

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