On the Same Page with Your SGA

Every Monday morning at 10:00 am in the Baird Library, we meet to talk about what students want to see at Eastern. We discuss changes that are coming, as well as changes that should come. We want to make our school a place we’re proud of­­: a place to look back on and know that our years spent here meant something. We do this for the entire Eastern family—past, present, and future.

We in the SGA are only 21 minds, so we need you all to tell us what you want to see, so that we may be a true representative of the current Eastern students. You can stop by the SGA office anytime and slip a little note under the door or speak to one of us if we are in there, or you may e-mail us at SGA@eastern.edu. We truly look forward to hearing from you, and hope that we may make this semester one we can all look back on and be proud!

— Contributed by Julia Kinbacher

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