Nobel Peace Prize awarded to imprisoned Chinese activist

Liu Xiaobo, a Chinese citizen, fierce human rights activist and a long-time public advocate of democracy in his country, was recently awarded the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize. 

As a result of the aforementioned practices, Xiaobo is serving an eleven-year prison sentence after being charged with subversive behavior by the Chinese government.

Xiaobo was awarded the highly respected and coveted prize as a result of his “long and non-violent struggle for fundamental human rights in China.” 

The spotlight on Xiaobo has, as a result, reinstated the Chinese government’s rigid intolerance for dissent amongst its citizens. Virtually no publicity has been circulating in Chinese media regarding the award and its recipient. 

Xiaobo’s history as an activist is rife with conflict. In 1989, Xiaobo and others hijacked a weapon and helped to negotiate the peaceful exit of protestors from Tiananmen Square.

Serving numerous shorter prison sentences prior to his current incarceration, Xiaobo is no stranger to sacrifice. He was stripped of his teaching job in 1991 because of his passionate political activism.

Several world leaders have been prompted to call for Xiaobo’s release, including President Barack Obama. 

Xiaobo is not expected to accept the award in prison and hopefully with the advocation of other prominent people, he will be released soon.

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