New Jersey to Fight For Gay Marriage

In an apparent attempt to ride the wave of success found by several states last November, Democratic leaders in New Jersey are attempting to override a veto banning same sex marriage within their state. If necessary, these Democratic leaders within the Senate and Assembly are willing to put the issue to a public vote this coming November, by placing it on the ballot. This commitment to push for marriage equality was arrived at by Democrats within the Senate and Assembly during a meeting on Thursday, February 21.

If an override is unsuccessful, it has been suggested that the issue could be introduced on the ballot. Governor Chris Christie, a self-professed Catholic who opposes and originally vetoed gay marriage, is open to this. He states, “On this issue, I am comfortable with the people of the state of New Jersey making the decision.”

However there are some opposed to a public vote. Senate President Stephen Sweeney, who views same sex marriage as a civil right, disagrees with the idea of placing it on the ballot. For the issue not to become a public vote the Senate would need at least 27 out of 40 positive votes, and The Assembly would need 54 out of 80 to agree.


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