Network administrator Benjamin Davis speaks about his time at Eastern

Everything is connected.

This may seem like an obvious life philosophy for someone who works with networks all day, but Benjamin Davis truly takes it to heart.

Currently Eastern’s networking and systems administrator, Davis has had a long history at Eastern University.

Davis first moved to Eastern in 2001 as an undergraduate student with a major in history and minors in information technology, astronomy and political science. While pursuing his studies, Davis worked several jobs on campus, including grounds, conferences and special events. In 2008, he began his current job in Administrative Computing.

Davis credits the community for his long and extensive history at Eastern:
“I stay because I believe in what Eastern has to offer. I know that it’s not perfect, but I believe in the community of people who work here, professors who teach here and the administration who leads the community.”

Davis also believes the education that the University offers goes far beyond the classroom, equipping students with the skills to go out into the world to share the Good News about the Kingdom not only with words, but with actions.

Davis speaks highly of the education he has received at Eastern, but even more so of the ways in which God has shaped his life and blessed him. “God gave me a good brain,” he says. “He expects me to use it.”

And use it he does. As a networking and systems administrator, Davis maintains the wired and wireless systems as well as the servers that support them here, as well as at a number of branch campuses. He also acts as a staff advisor to the radio station, working alongside the student staff.

Davis would like students to be inspired by a certain phrase upon which he has spent a lot of time reflecting: “All we have to fear is fear itself.” Franklin D. Roosevelt spoke these words this during the Great Depression.

“We need to not be afraid to act,” says Davis. “Instead of being afraid of bad grades, invest yourself in your studies because of a desire to learn. Write the best paper possible for yourself and out of love for God.” He further explains that an education like Eastern offers can build up students’ knowledge of God and that this love should be the primary motivating force in all Christians’ lives.

It is this type of thinking to which Davis credits his success and fulfillment, and it is a gift that he would like to pass along to the next generation, connecting all students together as the family of God.

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