Letters From Abroad

Hey guys! It’s been a while-I’ve been on spring break. We went down to the South- western part of the country and visited three different national parks: Lake Mburo, Lake Bunyoni and Queen Elizabeth. We did some game drives and boat tours, and overall just relaxed on those days. We also did a 3-day long rural homestay and visited some AIDS organizations. Here are some of the highlights of my trip:

1) Every time we visit a new church on a Sunday, we end up doing the service, and because I sing and play the guitar, I’ve now lead worship at three churches around Uganda. Last week, in the middle of a song, for no reason, I burst out into uncontrollable laughter. I mean, I could not stop laughing. I even started snorting, which I’ve never done. The whole congregation was just staring at me, so I moved to behind the rest of the students and sat down until I got control of myself. It took a while, but I finally did. It was embarrassing, needless to say.

2) Right after church, I was talking to a big group of people and was holding a large stick. I went to lean on it, walking-stick-style, and the thing snapped in the middle and I went tumbling to the ground. Embarrassing moment number two.

3) The rural homestay was only three days long, but it felt like years. The first experience we had was tea with our “dad’s” 28-year-old son. He offered us some of the local porridge and poured us each a stein full. I took a sip and thought I was going to die. Later he told me it was maize and sorghum, left to ferment for three days. So, sorry USP, but I broke the rules and had alcohol on the trip, and sorry Mom and Dad, I broke my personal vow not to drink until I was 21. If only it had been tasty…

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