Keeping Vick Healthy

Eagles’ fans were aware before the season began that keeping Vick healthy for all sixteen games would be a problem. Michael Vick’s flashy style of play combined with an under-average offensive line has made for one injured Eagles’ quarterback this season. The season is barely a quarter of the way through and Vick has already suffered a concussion and a bruised right hand. What’s next?

Vick is only human. He cannot continue to get injured and expect to play at an elite level. This is a serious problem because Backup Vince Young has yet to play this season due to a torn ACL, and although third string Quarterback Mike Kafka has shown some talent through his playing time, there is only a small chance that he will be able to carry the team.

The Eagles will have some serious catching up to do if they lose any more consecutive games. Keeping Vick healthy is not only important for this season but for upcoming seasons as well. If Michael Vick sustains an injury that disables him to the point where he can no longer perform at an elite level, then what? The Eagles will more than likely have to bring in a new quarterback, which will make the Eagles’ chances of winning a Super Bowl anytime soon even smaller.

The Eagles have a fairly hard schedule this year and it’s clear that every team in their division got better during the off season. If the Eagles don’t want this season to turn into one of their most disappointing, they will need Michael Vick to stay healthy. Even if the Eagles have to use every running back on every passing play for pass protection, the Eagles need to keep Vick healthy. And teaching him not to slide at the end of the play could also be helpful.

Vick’s offensive line is already allowing him to get hit. The last thing Vick needs to be doing is running into linebackers and safeties. Vick is the clear leader of this team, so if he goes down, so does the team.

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