Keeping it Kuhl

One of the greatest challenges in life is college. Second to that is uprooting one’s entire life for this new adventure. This can be true for both faculty members and students– including Christopher Kuhl, the new Housing Director at Eastern.

Kuhl comes to Eastern University from the Midwest. He grew up and met his wife Hannah of 3 years in the suburbs of Kansas City.

As a young man, Kuhl was influenced by his grandfather, a World War II Veteran. Fondly referring to his role model, Chris tells of how he lived with his grandfather and shaped him into the man he is today. Unfortunately, his beloved grandfather was diagnosed with Alzheimers, however, his legacy lives on through his grandson. But this is no surprise, as Chris Kuhl comes from a long line of inspiring men.

Kuhl credits Bettie Ann Brigham, Darryl Hawkins and Calvin Skinner for influencing his move to Eastern. He was moved to join the university and is continually influenced by the minds on campus. His position as the Director of Housing allows him to interact with students in a very unique way. Kuhl enjoys his position at Eastern because it gives him the chance to mold young minds going through such an excellent institution.

Chris is an avid sports fan and still holds allegiance to his Midwestern teams, but we will see if we can’t get him to root for Philly every once in a while.


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