Kea Hall profile: ‘That’s how we roll’

“That’s how we roll” is the motto for Kea Hall, and it seems quite fitting: the friendly atmosphere is apparent as you walk down the halls.

Kea Hall, which is attached to Guffin Hall, is the last residence hall located on the south corner of campus.

“It’s a little farther,” sophomore Rob Caruso said. “But it’s worth the walk.”

Kea Hall, associated with Guffin Hall, has one large study lounge, which leads into the various halls.

Unlike its partner Guffin, Kea has air conditioning and gets to enjoy the benefits of having the Breezeway close by.

For the students that live there, it’s not about the building, but the people that make Kea Hall truly feel like home.

“I feel like we are all very connected,” junior Colleen Valentine said. “It’s a very homey place. It seems like the bigger dorms are not as connected as us.”

Valentine liked Kea South Ground so much the first time she lived there that she decided to come back this year and live on the same hall.

Resident Director Theresa Noye is also a major part of why the students love living in Kea.

“She’s really easy to talk to,” sophomore transfer Emily Kocher said. “We talked once and she remembered my name.”

“She knows everybody’s name,” Valentine said.

One of the most unique parts of Kea, and probably most unknown, is the basement. It is a large room full of couches and tables, but the most memorable part is the artwork that adorns the walls.

On one wall is a large colorful mural and on the other side are various cinderblocks painted by students throughout the years.

The blocks are painted with Bible verses, artwork and names of students who have lived in Kea before. The wall serves as a scrapbook of sorts for the residents of Kea Hall.

Kea Hall has an overall homey and friendly feel. It makes people feel like they belong.

“I feel like this place feels more like a dorm,” Caruso said. “Like a place a college student lives. Compared to other places on campus, this building gives more of a college feel.”

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