Katie Breitigan joins Eastern University Resident Director staff

Katie Breitigan, the new Resident Director of Gough Hall, loves working with her students. Breitigan earned her master’s degree in higher education from Taylor University of Indiana in 2011 and graduated from Houghton College of New York State in 2009.

Breitigan, a native of Lancaster, was thankful that this position allowed her to move close to home.

“I was really excited about the possibility of working so close to my family,” Breitigan said.

Breitigan will also be taking on the role of Coordinator of Student Activities, a post about which she sounded particularly excited: “I have a strong passion for student development,” she said.

Breitigan was also enthusiastic about the overall atmosphere of an RD’s life: “It’s not your ordinary 8 to 5 job; it’s a 24-hour job. I rely on my faith to keep me calm and adaptable to any situation.”

Breitigan’s skills and adaptability were immediately put to the test when Hurricane Irene made a mess of move-in day. Though it was her residence hall that had to host the hundreds of students evacuated from Kea-Guffin Hall, Breitigan came through with ease, all potential crises averted.

One of the bright spots in Breitigan’s job is being able to connect with students. To build those relationships, many RDs organize all-dorm get-togethers. Breitigan’s twist on this scheme was a dessert night that she hosted in her own home.

“I’m really enjoying the residents in Gough Hall,” Breitigan said. “They are a diverse group, but being able to meet them over a dessert night has made it easier for personal interaction.”

Recently, Breitigan led the planning for Dia Del Este. She even sacrificed herself to the cause, volunteering to be slimed, Nickelodian-style, at Gough’s Five Points Party.

Breitigan has a busy road ahead of her as the fall semester comes to a close and students gear up for the spring. Fortunately, Eastern’s new RD is up to the task. After all, she survived Hurricane Irene—and being slimed.

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