KaGe’s kickoff was a kick in’ success

The weekend of Jan. 28 marked the kickoff for KaGe, the student lounge located near the Breezeway, in the Kea-Guffin resident hall. Friday and Saturday night, students were able to stop in and enjoy games, food and fun.

During the kick off, perspective students attending Encounter Weekend were encouraged to stop in to see what Eastern’s campus has to offer for recreational activities.

While participating in the infamous photo scavenger hunt, the perspectives were told to take a picture in KaGe. While there, they were able to grab a snack and also meet the many current students taking advantage of the opportunity to hang out and catch up with friends.

Every hour of the kick off offered a prize for participants. Names were put into a raffle and DVDs, gift cards and speakers, along with other prizes, were given away. While students hung out and waited to see if their name would be drawn, they were able to snack on cookies, chips, soda and even pizza that was provided  in honor of the opening.

Students also played board and video games all night to help pass the time.

When asked why working in the KaGe is fun, student worker first-year Heather Schaffer said, “because it’s a great hangout and I get to socialize and meet new people.”

Overall, the KaGe kickoff was a huge success: current students were able to catch up, meet new people and have fun while the perspectives were able to catch a glimpse of college life at its finest.

The KaGe is open every day from 4 p.m. until midnight. Students are encouraged to use this facility to make food in the kitchen and to have a fun time.

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