KaGe Grand Relaunch

The KaGe Grand Relaunching event, which lasted from 2 p.m. on Jan. 29 until midnight, was designed to remind students of everything the KaGe has to offer.

Despite considerable hype surrounding its opening and the attention drawn from the controversy of the lounge taking over the former Guffin apartment, few students visited the KaGe last semester.

Highlights of the Re-Launch included free food and a raffle with drawings every hour for prizes such as gift cards and free movie tickets.

However, despite promises of free stuff and a prominent advertisement on the Walton staircase, few people attended. In fact, the KaGe was nearly deserted for more than six hours, with most arrivals staying just long enough to fill out a raffle ticket as they passed through the KaGe on their way to either their residence halls or the Breezeway. The first crowds of people who stayed in the KaGe did not arrive until about 8:30 p.m. Even then, the groups were small, numbering between three and five people. Eventually, about 15 people found their way into the KaGe.

According to first-year Rachel Stout, an employee at the KaGe, the low turnout was due in part to students not really understanding what the KaGe is all about.

“KaGe is a place to come and do things with people,” Stout said, “It’s best to come here with a bunch of your friends. If you just come by yourself, there probably won’t be anything going on.”

Despite the small turnout, those who did attend had a great time as they took advantage of the KaGe’s many amenities, including air hockey, fooseball, board games, and a Nintendo Wii system.

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