Jazz café offers quality food and music

Complaining about nothing to do in the area? Well, solve the problem; visit Chris’ Jazz Café; and become a more-cultured individual.

Yours truly went with a group of friends to spend a night on the town enjoying delectable food and incredible jazz. Chris’ Jazz Café is located at 1421 Sansom street in Philly and offers an incredible variety of affordable jazz performances weekly.

No one could possibly feel anything but relaxed at the café. The clientele ranged from men in business suits to jazz enthusiasts to couples on dates. And of course, poor college students.

The room was fashioned in an inviting manner, rustic but classy with pictures of jazz legends adorning the walls. The lighting was soft with candles casting flickering shadows across the tables. The service was professional and relaxed.

We ordered chicken wings for $8 and BBQ Pork Sliders for $9. There were enough wings to share, but the sliders were a dish for one. Both were quite delicious. The café also offers fried calamari, tempura shrimp and other dishes as well as a wide selection of alcoholic beverages.

The main attraction, though, was the music. The Fred Jacob Jazz Odyssey played that night, and wowed us all, displaying both skill and sheer energy. The café is centered around a stage that provides space for a full band. The show cost $15, one of the more expensive concerts played there.

Every Mon-Fri, from 5-7 p.m. the café offers Sunset Sessions, featuring young talent playing funk, R&B, soul and jazz, for $5, along with half-off drinks and food.

Visit www.chrisjazzcafe.com for more information on upcoming concerts.

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