J.R. returns as Gallup RD with high expectations

John Romanski, affectionately known as “J.R.” by most students and faculty, has once again taken the position of Resident Director for the Gallup Residence Hall.

“I think it’s pretty cool that he comes back every time that Eastern needs him,” senior Zach Campbell said. “He’s got a great attitude towards serving others.”

Romanski first became interested in student development when he worked three years as an RA during graduate school at Abilene Christian University. He came to Eastern for the first time in August, 2001.

Romanski took on the jobs of housing coordinator and resident director of Gallup.

“Relationships with students is what makes my job fun and fulfilling,” Romanski said.

After two years, Romanski left Eastern for New York to help out a friend with a church.

The position of housing coordinator opened up just two months after Romanski left.

While looking for a second job in New York, Romanski received a phone call from Dean of Students, Daryl Hawkins. Hawkins asked Romanski to fill the vacancy as housing coordinator once more. Romanski happily agreed and has filled the position for the past two years.

Although glad to return to Eastern, Romanski said the transition was difficult.

“I had just closed a chapter and felt like it would be difficult to re-open it,” he said.

Romanski filled the RD position toward the end of July, 2005.

“I am able to participate at a pivotal point of students’ lives,” he said. “I impart wisdom and hope they will listen.”

His “can-do” attitude has earned him a good reputation with at least one student.

“J.R. is the kind of guy you can go to with your problems,” junior Jon Ramsay said. “He’s easy to talk to.”

Romanski just purchased a 100-inch screen TV and loves to share it with students.

“There will be some fun watching movies and playing video games in Gallup this year,” Romanski said.

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