Who can teach Creationism?


In response to “Eastern prof Wilcox works to bridge gap between God and Evolution”, there is only one known person on Earth that is qualified to teach biblical creation. All others who comment on it, have no idea what Genesis is conveying to mankind.

For example, who can describe the first day of Creation Week?If they refer to Genesis 1:2, their ignorance of the facts willquickly be exposed. The first day of Moses (not “creation”)occurred more than 4 billion Earth years after Creation Week,which was 4.6 billion years ago. So if untrained people areteaching foolishness (i.e., Creation Science) to the public, nowonder creationism is not understood by mankind. Almostno one knows the facts.

Therefore, until mankind wakes up and starts requiring teachersto be first trained correctly in creationism, misinformation willcontinue to be spread about Genesis. Are unqualified people allowed to teach evolution?

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