Introducing our new royalty


Senior Vickie Grant is very flattered to have been voted 2009 homecoming queen.

“I’m impressed with the fact that I left enough of an impression on people,” Grant said. “I think it’s cool that people think highly enough of me (to nominate me).”

Grant is an elementary education major from Englewood, N.J. She is currently a leader of Precious Movements, a member of the Student Pennsylvania State Education Association, a resident assistant in Gallup Hall and a tour guide in admissions.

Grant finds her job in admissions to be very rewarding. She has had students come up to her and say that she was the one who gave them their tour when they first visited Eastern.

When Grant found out she was nominated, she was ecstatic. She had told a friend last year that she would like to be nominated, and when she found out she was, she immediately sent text messages to all her friends and family.

Grant attended Christian schools all her life and found that Eastern was different from all the rest. She did not want to go to a Christian college because she had dealt with so many hypocrites at her other schools, but she loves all of the people at Eastern.

She describes her Eastern experience as “life-changing.” “I came with an impression of what I wanted to do with my life and I am leaving with a different one,” Grant said.

Her time at Eastern has given her a more Christ-minded outlook. She learned that her future is not to be about making money but about transforming the environment. After graduation, Grant plans to do a year of missions in India.

Grant thinks that graduating from Eastern will be very bittersweet. “I’ve enjoyed my time here and if I stayed longer, I’m sure I’d enjoy it, but I’m ready to take on something new,” she said.


All that you could hear was cheering when senior Ken Hufnal was announced Homecoming King on Saturday evening. A smile crossed his face as he humbly stepped forward to accept his sash. Hufnal was soon surrounded by four of his obvious supporters, who painted the letters K-E-N-! across their bare chests. By the excitement and the applause, it was easy to tell that the crowd most certainly supported the decision to crown Hufnal king.

Hufnal is involved in many exciting things on campus. “I’m involved in Habitat for Humanity, the Honors College, intramural sports and raising a ruckus,” he said.

Hufnal is majoring in History with a focus on Secondary Education. “Eventually I want to teach high school,”  Hufnal said. However, after graduation, he plans to take a year or two off to see the country. “I’m thinking about joining AmeriCorps,” Hufnal said. If none of this works out, he explained that his fallback will be grad school.

One of Hufnal’s favorite memories at Eastern is playing football every Friday at 3 p.m.
“I’ve played since my freshman year and it made my college experience that much more complete,” Hufnal said.

He also mentioned the time last year when he dressed up like a gorilla for Spring Banquet as one of his favorite memories.

Hufnal said that, when he found out he had been nominated for Homecoming King, he was surprised. But, more than surprised, he was grateful. “I was honored to be in the company of those selected,” Hufnal said.

Before the winners of King and Queen were announced, Hufnal stated that he would not be disappointed if he did not win. “I would like to win but if I don’t it’ll be okay,” Hufnal said.
But Hufnal did win. “I would like to thank Jesus, Abraham Lincoln, my family, Tony and Dominic!” exclaims Hufnal, with a smile.

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