Intramurals kick off

Intramural sports are a fun way for students to compete in recreational sports. They are organized games that most participants enjoy playing. Sometimes you find students who play just to play, but, at Eastern, the students believe it to be more than that.

For any competitor who has a need for winning, intramurals can be the perfect extracurricular activity. However, if you are not someone who can handle winning or losing in the appropriate way, then you should keep looking.

Current intramural sports include soccer, floor hockey and volleyball. These games are all about bragging rights, trash talk and the thrill of victory.

“I love playing with my friends on Thursday nights,” junior Damacia Gilbert said.

Games are played later in the night and times are to be determined.

“My Monday nights are crazy, I have work all day, but I love playing soccer afterwards. It’s a great stress reliever,” junior Sarah Carta said.

There are a number of reasons why students should participate in intramurals. If you have friends that participate, love playing recreational sports or just want a great cardio workout, intramurals at Eastern are a great option for you.

“I like playing floor hockey because it gives me the extra cardio once I’m done at the gym,” sophomore Brendan Spall said.

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