Student Housing Office and Plant Operations clear up mold problem in Eagle Hall

On September 30, 2011, students of Eagle Residence Hall were informed that they needed to leave their rooms while Plant Operations removed mold from the premises. They were told to bring what they needed for their studies and one week’s worth of clothing.

Eagle Hall had been infested with a non-deadly allergenic mold that needed to be removed. Nearly 25 students were relocated from their rooms while Plant Operations dealt with the mold infestation in the dorm building. Many were sent to surrounding residence halls, forced triples and the gym in Gough. Students stayed in these rooms for several weeks until they were notified on October 24 that it would be safe to return.

Chis Kuhl, Student Housing Director, does not know what caused the mold or why it was not detected sooner, but says that the primary goal in handling the issue was to remove it in such a way as to ensure that it would not return.

“We want to make sure that this does not happen again, so we investigated materials and products that would act pro-actively in treating and fighting against future instances of mold,” Kuhl said. He also commended the members of Plant Operations for their diligence in handling the situation.

As for the students who lived in the gym or in forced triples, Kuhl could not make any comment as to whether or not those students would be remunerated for their inconvenience and cooperation.

For some, the moldy situation was an eye-opening experience. As they spent more time in their new room assignments, they began to feel like home. Some have even elected to make the move permanent.

“I just liked living in Gallup better,” junior Antionette Reason said. “Once I relocated, I found that I enjoyed the people I was living with and being closer to my friends in Gough and Kea-Guffin.”

Currently, all of the students who have opted to return to Eagle have resettled into their rooms. There is no official word as to whether or not the measures taken in Eagle might be needed in other dormitories.

For now, students can breathe easy thanks to the hard work of Student Housing and Plant Operations.

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