Intramurals Bring the Fun

Never got the chance to be a college athlete? Do you really miss your favorite high school sports, or just want to try something new? The fall sports season is underway, which means Eastern students from all across campus are coming out to spike, kick, and slam their way through another season of intramural sports.

The fall intramural season features competition in co-ed volleyball and soccer, as well as a singles tennis ladder. The volleyball and soccer seasons debuted September 10th with nine teams playing soccer and eleven teams playing volleyball. The tennis ladder has not begun as of yet, so any tennis players out there should sign up as soon as possible.

Assistant Sports Information Director Brandon Hodnett runs the intramural program. When asked why intramural sports are so popular here at Eastern, Hodnett said, “The great thing about intramurals is that anybody can play.

Not everyone gets the chance to play intercollegiate sports, but they still love the game, so intramurals gives them that opportunity to compete.” He adds jokingly, “And seriously, who wants to do homework all night when you can be out playing sports with your friends?”

Students around campus seem to agree that the fun of intramurals is just being able to go out and play their favorite sports with their friends, especially sports they would not normally play. It’s a nice and relaxed atmosphere, but that doesn’t mean that games don’t get intense.

Opening night for soccer and volleyball was exciting, featuring a few down-to-the-wire games and plenty of solid performances. It is still too early to tell who the favorites will be, but plenty of teams made their presence felt.

Maybe you just like to watch sports rather than jump into the action? Come out and watch your friends and classmates go at one another. Volleyball takes place on Monday nights from 10 p.m. to 12 a.m., while soccer takes place on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10 p.m.

If you missed the boat for this fall’s intramurals, never fear. There will be more in the winter and spring, offering even more sports.

Sign up at and get ready to have a great time! Best of luck to all the teams, as this fall is shaping up to be another solid season of Eastern intramurals.

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