Intercollegiate gospel night ‘not just a concert’

The Intercollegiate Gospel Choir Event was not just any concert, but a gathering of diverse people together to fulfill what is believed by Christians to be the greatest purpose of all humanity-to praise God. There was a sense of indescribable peace, and the songs of joy and happiness were great blessings to everyone present.

October 29 was the date of the gospel choir event. It was a gospel concert in which Villanova University gospel choir and Delaware State University gospel choir came alongside Eastern’s Angels of Harmony to fill the gymnasium with heart-filled praise and worship.

The emcee, minister Kevin Ruff, a junior at Eastern, led the night with prayer and introductions.

Tiffiny Butler, president of Angels of Harmony, stated before the beginning of the concert that the Angels would seek to spread the gospel with their voices.

Minister Bill Reeves, instructor and director of Angels of Harmony, stated that the concert was aiming to build the faith of those present.

The night began with a fired up prayer by Sentrela Harris, vice president of Angels of Harmony, which set the standard for the rest of the unusual night.

The focus of the night seemed to be to praise and worship God while giving Him first place and all attention. The gymnasium resonated with the words read from Psalm 150, read by a worship team member and Psalm 100 read by a member of Angels.

The singing was initiated by the worship team, who exhorted the crowd to forget about looking at them, to close their eyes and to see God with open hearts. The worship team mentioned how we all have to worship God for the few reasons that we know, but that there are so many more reasons.

The first choir up was our home choir, and it was beautiful to see the other choirs encourage and sing along with the Angels. The second choir to sing was Villanova’s, who explained that their musicians were away in New York and courageously sang a capella. They also had a more classical tone to their songs.

Finally, Delaware State University took the stage with great energy and made the audience sway as their smiles, beats and expressions were extremely contagious.

Being the last gospel choir to sing, Delaware State University choir was far from boring-they were powerfully uplifting.

The intercollegiate Gospel choir event was an amazing journey from beginning to end, an indisputably unforgettable experience.

The night ended with a last song by the Angels and with Leonard Jamison, vice president of the university relations, as he closed the night in prayer.

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