Inquiring Minds: We’ve got the Holy Spirit but does anyone have school spirit?

Two weeks ago the college football season kicked off. Millions of students packed stadiums across the United States wearing the colors of their universities and shaking the bleachers like a swarm of energetic college kids should.

Meanwhile, back in St. Davids, Pa., Eastern’s field hockey and men’s soccer teams opened their seasons at home in front of crowds lacking the same level of enthusiasm as those at football games.

Most people say Eastern is a Division III school, and thus, we have excuses for why we can’t have fun at the same level as other colleges. But why is it that Eastern students don’t have the same pride or passion for our school that students of other schools exhibit?

Graduates of big-time schools such as Penn State adorn their houses and cars with memorabilia from their alma maters. How many students and alumni of Eastern proudly wear our maroon and white colors.

Homecoming is literally the only time of year when you see multiple people in Eastern attire. Granted there are obvious differences in circumstances that make a small Christian college not the same experience as bigger schools. But there is really no reason why we can’t have pride in the university that we attend or school spirit for the athletics and community that represent Eastern.

When outsiders ask “what’s so great about Eastern,” the general response is, “um, I don’t know.”

Typically, if people get excited about something they have more fun. And of course, that means getting involved. Maybe that’s part of the reason why it’s such a thrill to be in the student section of a college football game. Television just doesn’t create the same atmosphere.

Common knowledge says that Eastern doesn’t offer the same on-campus atmosphere that other colleges do-it essentially shuts down for the weekend on Friday night.

Activities are a major part of what creates spirit. There should be entertaining things to do on campus, and there can be. Philadelphia is a wonderful place to be, but we came to college to be at college.

Obviously Eastern has its limitations, but we can still indulge ourselves in the beauty it has to offer. And if you want things to change, be the instrument of change. All we are saying is give spirit a chance.

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