If you could go back to a historical time period, which would it be and why?

Name: Cassandra Landis
Hall: Gough
Hometown: Quakertown, Pa.
Major: Marketing

Answer: The Victorian Era because everything was very beautiful back then.

Name: Erik Lukens
Hall: Gough
Hometown: Plymouth Meeting, Pa.
Major: Undecided

Answer: The Stone Age. It would be interesting to see how they lived.

Name: Christian Neral
Hall: Gallup
Hometown: Westchester, N.Y.
Major: Gallup

Answer: The Harlem Renaissance because of the artistic revolution that happened then.

Name: Kayla Tarpley
Hall: Kea
Hometown: Pittsburg, Pa.
Major: Psychology

Answer: The ‘60s because even though society was divided, everyone fought really hard to bring it back together, and a lot of great people did really important things during that time.

Name: Mike Rosario
Hall: Eagle
Hometown: Philadelphia, Pa.
Major: Business

Answer: When they made the pyramids, because I want to find out if aliens really helped to build them.

Name: Michael Ogbuehi
Hall: Gallup
Hometown: Willow Grove, Pa.
Major: Undecided

Answer: When there were Samurai in Japan because I like them.

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