Homosexuality and the Church

To The Editor,

Though I am not a current student nor an alum of your University I felt prompted to write after reading several letters which state firm opposition to the acceptance of homosexuality in Christian Churches.

First, contrary to all of the author’s assertions, accepted science tells us that sexuality of all kinds is more nature-based than nurture. All leading medical and psychological organizations endorse adoption by gay parents and some have even publicly supported same-sex marriage. Taking the word of one psychologist over the entire American Psychological Association is not a powerful statement in favor of the nuture paradigm, it is seeking out research that confirms your own beliefs. In fact Anna Bissi, the psychologist referenced, has never published an article in a peer-reviewed journal. Her opinion is not science.

Second, your first letter argues that opposition to slavery came about in part because it conflicted with the Biblical teachings of loving thy neighbor. I do not see how this does not apply to the acceptance of homosexuality as well. What could be more in conflict with those teachings than trying to deny gay people exist and restricting their rights as citizens of this country by forever banning them from marriage?

Laura Durso

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